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Call me Faye x Oia Vineyart
 16/7-5/8 2023
solo exhibition

Cosmic Oblations by Ifigenia Papadatou is the artists first solo exhibition. The works are a collection of small scale gouache paintings that showcase a captivating exploration of Cycladic island aesthetics, spirituality, and personal spaces. The exhibition unfolds as the artists personal daily challenge to adjust to life on the island of Santorini and it represents a conscious choice to be present, both in the chosen location and the artists creative process.

Through the use of vivid colors, Ifigenia’s inspiration of the cycladic architecture and Santorini’s white washed houses, emblematic and monumental forms are deconstructed and notions of domesticity, identity and festivity are decontextualized. References such as, water, sunlight, and the moon in her paintings, establish a strong connection to the natural world and the interplay between nature and human existence. The repetition of symbols such as crosses, candles, and portals signifies spiritual inclination and quest for inner peace. 

These elements infuse the artworks with a sense of tranquility, balance, and the cyclical nature of life by adding depth to the compositions and inviting viewers to contemplate the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical.

Call me Faye x Waterbags
Selected design by WATERBAGS for their collection 2021 and premium collection 2021.

Call me Faye x Makedonikos Halvas


Creative concept and art pieces created for Makedonikos Halvas food brand, based on its new marketing campaign, on the occasion of its annual press kit dispatch to selective media and advertising executives.

The project (The thread that binds us) includes 125 original paintings, framed, signed and numbered. All artworks connect with each other, depicting a long continuous red thread on a festive background.

for Documenta 14

Athens, Greece 


During summer 2017, I worked as a producer for Aneducation program for Documenta 14 in Athens.

As a producer, I assisted and organised public events for A-letheia Project by Anton Kats and participate in producing public talks and workshop around the city of Athens for programs such as Under the Mango tree and Synantiseis.

workshop for MESA 

Workshop Facilitator

Invited by Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou, project curator and founder of Mesa, artists Yorgos Yeorgiou , Manis Tsakiris and I had the honor to facilitate Exodos workshop for the Special Detention Center for Youth in Avlona and KETHEA EXODOS in Larissa. The title and theme of both workshops was EXIT with the aim of students to focus on an optimistic thought and its capture through creative techniques and visual actions. During the workshops the students were asked to think and sensually negotiate their own personal Exit, to express it no longer through speech but with sound and image.

Many of the students captured their needs, everyday life rituals, desires and dreams through sound recordings while others described through painting and sculpture their "journey" to their exit date, but also how they imagine themselves in the future.

Sonic Topographies
Sound Residency 

Evoia island, Greece 


On the occasion of SONIC TOPOGRAPHIES, artist Yorgos Yergiou, curator Ioanna Gerakidi and I have invited four contemporary artists, specialized on varying aspects of the sonic and visual art field, to work and therefore interact for two weeks with four historically significant locations of the greek island Evoia. Having as starting point of reference, the natural sound resources that each location has to offer, the artists created their own audio composition by re-inventing the cultural elements, the myths and the folktales.

Locations: Medieval Castle of Casteli, Ancient Theatre of Eretria, Euripus Strait, Ancient Temple of Artemis (Aulis) 

Participating Artists: Georgia KotretsosIliosJacob KirkegaardYiorgis Sakellariou

Filming : Stefanos Kosmidis 


athens digital art festival
Athens, Greece


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