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Sonic Topographies Residency
by Implode Platform

Implode Platform

Implode Platform

Implode was an artistic platform founded in 2013 dedicated to new forms of sound and visual arts. Based in Athens and Amsterdam, Implode focused in conceptualising and materialising projects that were each time characterised by a specific theme derived by current socio-political structures, historical and imaginary places, collective histories, visual and sonorous temporalities.

From 2013 to 2016, Implode has organised a wide range of events both in Athens and Chalkida including experimental sound performances, workshops, exhibitions and the residency Sonic Topographies.

Through its collaborations with cultural configurations and initiatives, Implode intended to reflect on the multiplicities of voices of the displaced, to re-define the substance of the subjective narrative and to create a space for alternative practices of sociality.

Implode Platform has been initiated by Yorgos Yeorgiou, Ifigeneia Papadatou and Ioanna Gerakidi

Sonic Topographies Residency

On the occasion of Implode Residency SONIC TOPOGRAPHIES, we have invited four contemporary artists, specialized on varying aspects of the sonic and visual art field, to work and therefore interact for two weeks with four historically significant locations of the greek island Evoia. Having as starting point of reference, the natural sound resources that each location has to offer, the artists are invited to create their own audio composition by re-inventing the cultural elements, the myths and the folktales.





Dates: 02.06 - 16.06. 2015 


Locations: Medieval Castle of Casteli | Ancient Theatre of Eretria | 

Euripus Strait | Ancient Temple of Artemis (Aulis) 


Participating Artists: Georgia Kotretsos | Ilios | Jacob Kirkegaard | Yiorgis Sakellariou

Filming : Stefanos Kosmidis 


Live performance @SIX DOGS

Live Performance  and Screening


Documentary by Stefanos Kosmidis


Jacob Kirkegaard


Georgia Kotretsos & Yorgos Kouros

Yiorgis Sakellariou

Producer : Ifigenia Papadatou

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