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Aegean Churches 

Acrylic, Pen on paper , 2019

Led by curiosity and genuine interest on the local community of the island of Santorini, Ifiyenia took a deep dive into the villagers everyday life routine and religious practices that are so tight together. 

This resulted to her body of work, Aegean Churches, where emblematic and monumental forms are deconstructed and notions of domesticity, picturesque, identity and festivity are decontextualized. Her imagery mainly consists of domes, crosses, flags, candles and bells amplified by vivid colors and form repetition and inlays. The renowned laid-back simplicity of the Cycladic scenery is giving its place to a festive and experiential space where historicity, faith, sense of belonging and community find a familiar environment to coexist.

Text by Antonia Pilarinos

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